[English] Public Sales Whitelist & Instruction

How Will The Sale Take Place?

Metamask or Trust Wallet
Access https://bsr.binstarter.io/

Purchase Quantities

First Round: Whitelist, Min. $200, max $350 could be purchased.


Round 1: whitelisted participants max purchase is limited to $350 per wallet.


TOP100 + 900 Random

Trust Wallet — Android Phone Connect Problem

In some android versions, it can be solved using browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari.

Attention and Beware of Scammers:

  1. The sale will take place only at https://bsr.binstarter.io. Please do not send BNB to any address.
  2. The sales will be held only on binstarter platform and all announcements will only be on Binstarter Telegram Group and Binstarter Announcement Group. URL: t.me/BinstarterOfficial and https://t.me/BinStarterAnnouncement with 50k plus telegram members. Thats the best indication you’re at the right group.
  3. Admins will never message you or ask for your information and private keys. Binstarter personnel will never ask you to send them money.
  4. Some fake groups and scammers include: https://t.me/BinstarterGroup 10k members. As stated above the real group have 50k plus members, please do not send money to or join any telegram groups that have our logo but under 50k members. Those are all fake groups.

Purchasing Stages With Picture

1) Click on connect icon on top right corner of the sales page
2) Select the wallet you’re using on the pop up screen
3) Click next on the wallet screen
4) Click confirm to trust the site and grant permission
5) Green light will be on when the swap process starts. If red light is on then sales have not open yet. When it’s time to make a purchase click F5 to refresh the page.
6) Enter amount of bnb to swap
7) Click on swap icon next to the amount of bnb entered before
8) Click approve to approve the amount to swap and BSC network fees.