BinStarter Token, $BSR Advantages

4 min readMay 25, 2021

Binstarter is an IDO platform with Binance Smart Chain-based, decentralized, optional collateral projects, that allows simple, easy, and low-cost swap possibilities for pool builders and liquidity providers.

Binstarter provides predictable liquidity collection for projects, while ensuring transparent transaction with collateral and fixed swap rates for liquidity providers.

While the Binstarter project is not a new invention, it serves as an important bridge in the most demanded area in the current ecosystem. While providing decentralized and secure transactions to the parties, it also provides important advantages to our community with its own token;

Meet the BSR

BSR is the token of the Binstarter project. This token, which uses the Binance Smart Chain network, targets price stability with the fee income from transactions made with a sustainable business model and the collateral burning of successful projects, as a result of the structure of the industry, it also presents different opportunities to the community with the choice of stake and levels;

Sustainable Business Model

We still have a fairly new and developing ecosystem, at this point we encounter new projects and ideas every day. In line with the development and growth of the sector, the BSR project will grow step by step every day and will continue to be an important bridge between parties who want to trade with confidence.

Significant Hold

Processes such as ICO and IDO have been the most profitable areas in the industry. Our community, which wants to participate in new projects due to our business model, can get a share from new projects according to their levels. In this sense, our users who hold BSR gain significant privileges in new projects according to their level.

Token Inflation Planning

Unlike many projects, our token inflation planning covers a long period of 3 years. In addition, with options such as private sale, price policies that could create unfair competition between our community were completely avoided.

Token Burning and Fee Income

Revenues from successful startup projects will go to burning with the following rates. The regular reduction of the current supply is designed to have a positive effect on the BSR price, and it is aimed to provide price stability according to the current market situation.

10% — Evaluation Pool

10% — Developer Rewards

30% — Pools Rewards

50% — Burning

The BSR Advantage, Pools

The pool used for leveling is also ideal for increasing the amount of BSR. Pools rewards will be determined according to the following income cycle and may differ;

- 30% of the burning amount

- Fees for users participating in the project

- Tokenomics designated distribution

Locked and Flexible Option
Locked 1.3
Flexible 1


The BSR amount you add to Pools matches a temporal value as follows. As a result, your level is determined and you get some advantages such as the amount you can purchase in the projects listed on Binstarter, the right to benefit from the collateral protocol and the evaluation pool.

Level 1: 100 BSRs (3 Hours)

Level 2: 200 BSRs (24 Hours)

Level 3: 400 BSRs (48 Hours)

4. Level: 800 BSR (72 Hours)

Level 5: 1,000 BSRs (1 Week)

Level 6: 2,000 BSRs (2 Weeks)

Level 7: 4.000 BSRs (4 Weeks)

Level 8: 8,000 BSRs (8 Weeks) (Right to Vote)

Level 9: 16,000 BSRs (12 Weeks) (Right to Vote)

Level 10: 32,000 BSRs (16 Weeks) (Voting Right)

Users with levels 5 and above have the right to use the collateral protocol in projects with a collateral option selected.

Users with level 8 and above are eligible to enter the evaluation pool

Evaluation Pool

Level 8 and above BSR holders will see a button like the one below in their panel to participate when a new project is announced. The first 100 people who click this button can be included in that project in the evaluation pool.

However, due to the scoring system in the system, priority consists of people with high scores (70%). The remaining part (30%) is made up of new people.

Users who qualify to participate in the evaluation pool will have 2 weeks to review the project. If this is your first time joining the evaluation pool, we’ve put together some instructions for you to review.

Users participating in the evaluation pool must make their own decisions apart from the instructions. Your decision will be subjected to a very important scoring system regarding whether or not you will be able to join this pool again in the future.

Users in the evaluation pool earn additional rewards per transaction, just like miners on the blockchain. This award is determined as 10% of the earnings from successful projects and is distributed according to your level as follows;

Level 8: 20% (equally divided by the total number of people)

Level 9: 30% (equally divided by the total number of people)

Level 10: 50% (equally divided by the total number of people)

  • Percentage rates can be updated depending on the number of people. The high level is always designed to receive more rewards than the low level.


In each IDO, the number of tokens to be determined by the project is reserved for Lottery. You get tickets according to your level. Award-winning users will have a chance to get more tokens from the project. Each ticket depends on your staking level and wallet number. The tickets that win as a result of IDO will have the right to purchase extra from the project.

Level 8: 1 Ticket

Level 9: 2 Tickets

Level 10: 3 Tickets

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